My name is Daniel. A 17-year-old born and raised in BC, Canada. Here is my story.

Growing up, school was never for me and my favorite part of the day was always going home to watch YouTube. I always knew I was gonna do YouTube as my job, but didn't really know how.

I decided to start my personal YouTube channel in 2020, and it completely flopped. By 2022, I became inactive on my channel and didn't post for 6 months. 

2023 was when I discovered the potential of YouTube Automation through an Instagram reel. I spent the next few weeks researching and learning more about how it all worked until I learned YouTube Search Automation.

Fast forward about 2 and a half months later, and I hit my first $100 day through YouTube Ad revenue in June 2023. I thought that was the peak of what YouTube earnings can look like for me...

Which is funny because my channels are now projected to hit $15,000 a month in revenue in 2024.

My new goal now has shifted to helping you achieve a stable income as well, through YouTube Search Automation channels.

If I were to go back in time and redo it all, this exact blueprint would've helped me achieve the current results that I have in a much quicker time frame & helped me avoid loads of minor beginner mistakes.

We all know the Gurus out here who sell full-on YouTube Automation courses for ridiculous multiple-4-figure prices, which is exactly why I chose to make my blueprint a lot more affordable for beginners starting out.

While this isn't a full-on program where I help mentor you through everything, I've put down everything I know and have learned along the way, to turn your channel into a money printing machine.